October 2, 2022

7 Ways to Reuse Paper Gift Bags

At last, the birthday party is finished leaving behind wonderful memories and choicest gifts. Now you are left with the sweet remembrance and the hefty mound of gift bags. The goods are well-appreciated but what about these paper gift bags? Don’t they deserve some appreciation? It seems such a tragedy to squander these gorgeous sparkly gift bag by crumpling them and dumping them into the garbage can.

Why not reuse them instead? how? Let us have a look.
Ways to repurpose paper gift bags
1. Newspaper or Magazine holder
Everyone wants to have the first peek at the newspaper. But who wants to stack them? Make your job of stacking up the day’s easier by reusing a paper bag. Turn a medium-sized paper bag into a newspaper or magazine holder. The day’s paper and journals can be neatly put inside this paper bag which can be hung attractively at a handy spot. With this paper-gift-bag-turned-magazine -holder, there is no more need to look for the day’s paper or to worry about journals being scattered about.

Label the bags as “today’s paper” and “old papers” and organize your reading dailies in a jiffy.
2. Lunch covers
Office goers generally utilize a stylish lunch bag to carry their midday meals. But this bag typically comes home smelling and damaged due to food spillage. Avoid this untidy situation by packing your lunch in a paper bag and then placing it in your lunch bag. The Paper bag will prevent your lunch spilling from ruining your lunch bag and it may be disposed off without any guilt. Reuse paper bags as Tiffin or lunch coverings to avoid messy lunch bag and enjoy fresh lunches.
3. First aid kits
No one has the time to go buy a first aid kit. construct a first aid box at home by collecting a cotton-roll, some bandages, an antiseptic lotion, an anti-bacterial cream etc. Place these in a bag and mark it with a bright red cross. your first aid kit is ready.
4. Stationery bag
Every residence must have a stationary bag. Yes, when the moment comes, one cannot flip the home upside down for scissors, staple pins or scotch tape. Collect all workplace stationery supplies including pins, stapler, paper cutter, scissors, markers, scotch tape, glue, ruler, etc. and place them in a present bag tagged “stationery”.
5. Medicine bag
Every household has seniors and small kids who fall sick often. Place their usual medicines in printed bags tagged with their name for them easy access. You can even put their prescription on top of the bag to enable them to view their daily dosage.
6. Lingerie organizer
Organize your lingerie drawer by repurposing paper bags. Pack socks in one gift bag, handkerchiefs in the next, ties n the third and so on. Label them carefully to help you grab one within a second. No more digging the drawers for a handkerchief or a tie. It is all there- nicely packed in repurposed paper gift bags.
7. Travel organizer
Want to travel light yet stay organized? Here come paper bags to the rescue. Pack your travel items with printed bags. Keep amenities like toothpaste, soap, shaving cream and brush etc in a paper bag. They stay secure inside and do not ruin the garments even if they spill over. Keep a couple of spare paper gift bags of substantial size. They can hold your dirty linen and keep them from being contaminated with the fresh garments.


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