August 15, 2022

Experience the Elegance of Venice Through Private Tours to Venice

Venice is without a question, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as demonstrated by the innumerable literary masterpieces that the city has inspired. It is for this reason that private tours to Venice are so popular, especially for those who want to experience the city’s contagious romantic spirit. The Floating City, Venice is well recognized for being constructed on water. In reality, no car can reach the city and canals go to anywhere you wish to go. Venice includes of around 118 islands, interconnected with innumerable bridges and tortuous waterways.

Private excursions to Venice are considerably more pleasurable with at least a few hours spent on a Gondola ride. These little canoes are prevalent in the city and they are probably the finest way to travel around, especially if you want a unique view of the city through the rivers. This said, walking tours of the city’s centuries old streets are also highly common, especially for those who want to view Venice’s rich collection of Gothic architecture that dates back as early as the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Ca’d’Oro the Doge’s Palace, and Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti are only among the must-see architectural treasures in the city.


Surrounded by water, it is no surprise that Venice is also a huge seafood haven. If you want to taste a different side of Italy’s cuisine, Venice is surely an excellent place to sample its seafood delicacies. The city doesn’t run out of fresh supply of fish, shellfish, and other seafood delicacies carried out from neighboring lagoons.


Private excursions to Venice are also not complete without a visit to the Burano Island, which is one of the most renowned fishing communities in the region, famed for its floating houses that paint a rainbow-colored backdrop for your journey. Another attractive island to spend a tour in is Lido or the Golden Island, which is well renowned for its private beaches and golden dunes.


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